Refuge since 1895, Hotel since Autumn 2015.

For over one hundred years the Hochstrass School Convent in the Vienna Woods was the home of the sisters from the Daughters of Divine Love order. An equally gentle as well as thorough overhaul has enabled the listed Main House and the Old Cheese Dairy to carefully get used to the present day. In this presence, Hochstrass remains what it always was: a refuge and a world for itself.

Refugium Hochstass Landschaft mit Kloster


From November 2015 onwards, the hotel will be welcoming people who are searching for the essentials. The seclusion, the expanse of the landscape and the silence make Refugium Hochstrass an ideal location for everything that needs clarity and space: private meetings, seminars, reflection rounds, retreats, withdrawing phases. With its many quiet corners out in verdant spaces, Refugium Hochstrass commends itself as well for meditation, yoga and other forms of bodywork.

Refugium Hochstass Obstbäume in der Blüte


After completion of the conversions, 24 single rooms, 14 double rooms, 2 suites and 6 new seminar rooms with a panorama view are at your disposal on the converted top floor. A new winter garden expands the dining hall and the open terrace with a skywalk offer a view far into the country. The convent chapel provides an extraordinary frame for readings, talks and concerts – and is also available as a sacred space for weddings, baptisms and worship services.

Refugium Kloster Hochstrass Hotel


With respect for the long and spiritual history of the picturesque place, Refugium Hochstrass ties in with the past in many respects. Step by step, it is returning to the sustainable lifestyle of the convent community, which supported itself on Hochstrass with its own spring, hunting and agriculture for over a century.

Refugium Hochstass Landwirtschaft
Refugium Hochstass Landwirtschaft
Refugium Hochstass Stille
Refugium Hochstass Birnenbaum