The kitchen is a magic place – a place of gastronomic alchemy and of culinary transformation. The transformation of foods into meals that provide pleasure and vital energy. Here we process and refine the harvest from our gardens and fields and convert farming into high quality dining. The kitchen also serves us as a time lab: We preserve and bottle the cornucopia of the summer for the cold days. Fruity-summery jams, fine-pickled vegetables, sweet-spicy syrups and harmonic-rounded liqueurs are aromatic time capsules. The kitchen also owes its appeal to the fire that burns there. In our case, in the old stove with the bright blue tiles, which once again stands at its old location and allows the smell of freshly baked bread to waft through the house.


In addition to our own eggs and poultry from our own keeping, our kitchen also offers game from the Hochstrass hunting grounds. In the dining room, in the winter garden and on the panorama terrace we serve house-made juices, syrups and jam. The water in the table carafes comes from our own springs. You also find a reminiscence of the past on our beverage menu, which offers age-mellowed schnapps, brandies and liqueurs still produced by the convent.


All around the house we have planted new herb and vegetable gardens. After years of neglect, we are also lavishing time and attention on the old orchards. Whatever we cannot cultivate and produce ourselves we buy from the surrounding farmers, as well as from regional suppliers, as was the custom for decades on Hochstrass.